• Only professional face and body paints are used, they are non toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • Paints are water based and are easily removed with soap and water or a baby wipe.
  • Only 1 sponge per person is used and then are machine washed on a very hot cycle.
  • Brushes are rinsed and the brush water is changed regularly throughout the session.

We only use the very best professional cosmetic grade paints and pallets that are FDA compliant and we follow strict guidelines for hygienic applications.
So much has been spent on the development of skin friendly cosmetic products and yet so many people use any products including acrylic paints for face painting!?
Professional face paints have been specially designed so that your skin can still breath and not be intoxicated and suffocated.

Often with volunteer painters at schools and charities or beginning face painters they are very unaware of the issues such as non-cosmetic glitters and paints and some events will use acrylic craft paint or watercolours, these kinds of paints are not approved for the use on skin despite being labeled NON-TOXIC!
We would never want you or a child going home from a party, function or event with a rash or other nasty side effect or badly stained faces.

When you hire a professional painter you are ensuring skin safe products, clean procedures, prompt reliable services and trained painters to accommodate your specific theme and letting your guests enjoy their time with beautiful and fun designs that they can wear with no side effects.

Another sad reality is that many face painters steal work of the internet and pass them off as their own and unfortunately you will only see the difference of their work on the day of the booking.
All the artwork you see on the Mazmerized website or social media platforms has been done by a Mazmerized painter.

Although cheap face painting is not good and good face painting is not cheap we strive to make this amazing art form accessible to everyone!
Few match our standards, so we can often not match prices, but please contact us to see what we can do for you.

There are many different professional face paints available and like everything else there are different qualities in the different ranges. Contact us for Professional paint and accessories.